Activating Justice for Transnational Organised Wildlife Criminals

Conference of the Wildlife Justice Commission

21 February 2018, 10:00 - 16:00 hours


During this event attended by law enforcement professionals from around the world, the WJC will present on its operational approach and investigative and intelligence capabilities in fulfilling its mission to help disrupt and dismantle transnational organised wildlife criminal networks.


The world has lost 50% biodiversity in the last 40 years and the major factor is illegal extraction (poaching, illegal logging and fishing) and trafficking.
Many endangered species face imminent extinction, marine environments and fish stocks are collapsing and natural habitats are being lost forever due to illegal logging. In addition to accelerating the loss to biodiversity, wildlife crime de-stabilises societies, affects local communities (eg: killing of rangers, and poachers, which can leave families destitute), increases global health risks (spreading of disease through consumption and transport), and fuels corruption as well as other types of auxiliary crimes such money laundering and fraud.

The Wildlife Justice Commission (WJC) is a not-for-profit organisation based in The Hague whose primary objective is activate justice in countries where impunity for wildlife crime is prevalent. We conduct in-depth investigations which are well-planned and diligently documented. We make use of case management and intelligence analysis software employed by law enforcement agencies which allows us to provide our evidence and criminal analyses to law enforcement agencies in an actionable format they are familiar with. We aim to demonstrate our operational approach in terms of our investigative and intelligence capabilities and where opportunities exist for collaboration.


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Welcome Speech
Olivia Swaak-Goldman, Executive Director of the Wildlife Justice Commission


What is the Wildlife Justice Commission and how does it contribute to addressing wildlife crime?
Chief of Investigations of the WJC
International wildlife trade is a serious and organised crime and the response to it needs to be intelligence-led and well-coordinated. We will present the current threat levels and show how we fulfill a much needed role.


Achieving convictions in Malaysia
Joil Bin Bombon, Senior Assistant Director of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (DWNP/PERHILITAN) Peninsular Malaysia

Here we present how our undercover work coupled with an effective relationship with the wildlife department has resulted in custodial sentences for prolific offenders. We will also describe our model for on-the-ground operational support and why this is essential to enhance future law enforcement efforts.


The trials and tribulations of transnational financial crime investigations 
Advantages and challenges presented by transnational, financial crime investigations such as the growing use of mobile application payments.


Lunch and visit of the exhibition



Investigating transnational organised wildlife crime from a risk-based approach
Sarah Stoner, the Senior Investigations Manager of the WJC will explain how, unlike many conservation agencies that tackle the problem from a supply chain model, the WJC has developed and applied a risk-based model. During this session, the WJC will present case studies illustrating the advantages of such an approach.


The need to recognise the serious and organised nature of wildlife crime
Dr. Edgardo Buscaglia, Senior Scholar in Law and Economics at Columbia University, served as an advisor to several countries on issues involving public policy, and economic, transnational crimes and serves as a member of the Wildlife Justice Commission’s Independent Review Panel. He will discuss parallels between international wildlife trade and other forms of transnational, organised crime.


Break and Video of WJC´s work



Applying Social Network Analysis to Understand Structures of Organised Criminal Networks 
Sarah Stoner, the Senior Investigations Manager at the WJC will explain how the WJC focuses intelligence efforts on the composition of organised crime networks and use various techniques to fulfil this, including big data mining by using proven social network analysis tests to identify key connectors between disparate criminal networks involved in the trafficking of reptiles.



KENYAN WILDLIFE SERVICE’s approach to management of intelligence
The Kenyan Wildlife Services (KWS) will discuss the recent transformation in the coordination of their intelligence work and the potential impact this may have on the trafficking of ivory globally. Since 2009, more ivory has been smuggled from Mombasa than any other port in the world.



Undercover Operatives Management

The Chief of Investigations of the WJC will present how the deployment of undercover operatives has aided intelligence development and outline how the WJC can add a valuable dimension for other potential cases. The WJC have deployed its undercover operatives across many countries and enforcement agencies have utilised its assets to further their investigations.


Concluding Remarks



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