Counter-terror vehicle barriers 2018

2nd Conference with Crashtests


19 September 2018, 13:00 hours, - 20 September 2018, 14:00 hours,

in Münster Wolbeck, Germany

with simultaneous translation German-English for international conference participants and exhibitors


For terrorist attacks vehicles are increasingly used to rally in crowds or destroy buildings and facilities. Amok drivers represent a further danger.
This latent threat is omnipresent and needs consistent consideration at events as well as at busy places, shopping streets or pedestrian streets. In addition to certified and proven systems, there are currently non-certified and untested offers of anti-terrorism vehicle barriers and access blocks.

This unique event, now in its second session, focuses on this issue, providing up-to-date information exchange and testing systems to protect against vehicle attacks.

Target groups
Police, regulatory and construction offices, armed forces, ministries, manufacturers, associations and organizations, media



  •     Lectures on attack scenarios with vehicles and solutions for safeguarding events, pedestrian zones and buildings
  •     Germany's first technical guideline mobile vehicle barriers, presented by the PTI Police Technology Institute of DHPol German Police University
  •     Standards and certifications for corresponding vehicle barriers and their application
  •     Integration of proven vehicle restraint systems (crash barriers and concrete safety barriers
  •     Simulations and calculation methods of crash tests
  •     Live crash tests with cars and trucks to test current systems (eg mobile and fixed systems)
  •     Product presentations (exhibitors)


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  Wednesday, 19 September 2018  
12:00 Registration, snack, coffee and visit of the exhibitors  
13:30 Welcome Dr. Uwe H. Wehrstedt, Organizer and CEO, EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH
13:45 Standards in access barriers according to ISO IWA 14-2 Christian Schneider, MBA, Expert, Initiative Breitscheidplatz
14:30 Presentation of the new German Technical Guideline „Mobile Vehicle Barriers“ Dipl.-Ing. Annika Potthast, Police Technology Institute of the German Police Academy
15:15 Crashtest triple bollard Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH
15:30 --- Coffee break, visit of the exhibitors ---  
16:00 Integrated urban landscape security concepts - focus on access protection - current state of affairs Detlev Schürmann, M.A., Crime and police scientist, German Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community; Christian Weicht, Consultant crime prevention
16:45 Vehicle restraint systems to protect against lane departure Dipl.-Ing. Linda Meisel, Department V4 - Road Equipment, Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
17:15 Demonstrations to protect against explosives and arson attacks Haverkamp GmbH
18:00 --- End of first day ---  
  Thursday, 20. September 2018  
08:00 --- Entry and visit of the exhibitors ---  
08:30 Certification procedure for vehicle barriers and vehicle restraint systems in the accredited test laboratory of CTS Peter Schimmelpfennig, CEO, CTS GmbH
08:45 Virtual certification of mobile protection barriers Bernhard Buchmeier, TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH
09:05 Finite Element Simulation as a complementary tool for assessing anti-intrusion product effectiveness in various conditions Joseph Marra, Crash & Dynamic Department Manager, GDTech S.A.
09:25 US Antiterrorism Design Standards - Comparison with European standards and systems Scott Turygan, Guardian Consulting GmbH
09:45 Crastest van against a truck as vehicle barrier CTS
10:00 --- Coffee break, visit of the exhibitors ---  
10:30 Responsibilities for security concepts and the deployment of vehicle barries for events Harald Scherer, 4events - Planung . Sicherheit . Training
10:50 Holistic security planning for public, heavily frequented squares - requirements, procedures and interfaces Roland G. Meier, CEO, VDS GmbH; President of the Federal Association for Event Security (
11:10 Operation of mobile vehicle barriers and selection criteria Francis Seijas, CEO, Consel Group AG
11:40 Lectures on solutions and products of mobile vehicle barriers
- Folding containers as vehicle barriers
- High security solutions

- Developing the mobile barrier Publifor HVM

- Mobile Solutions and Street Furniture

Martin Siegbert, CEO, INDUTAINER GmbH
Martin Burgdorf, Head of Sales, ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH
Jörg Kaufung, Sales and Marketing, Betafence Deutschland GmbH
Yvonne Kolatschek, Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH
12:30 Crashtest mobile vehicle barrier TiSO Global
12:45 --- Snacks, visit of the exhibitors ---  
14:00 End of the conference  
  • Automatic Systems SA
  • B+F Beton- und Fertigteilgesellschaft mbH
  • Betafence Deutschland GmbH
  • Consel Group AG
  • Dante Projects UG
  • Eisengießerei Torgelow GmbH
  • Electro Automation GmbH
  • FAAC GmbH
  • Greif FPS Germany GmbH
  • Heintzmann Industries GmbH
  • Herne Protect GmbH
  • Hörmann KG Antriebstechnik
  • Michael Thomas GmbH Perimeter Engineering & Solution
  • Mobildeich GmbH
  • Mönch Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
  • Franz Oichtner
  • Perimeter Protection Germany GmbH - Crashtest
  • PROSpike BV
  • S+S Gittersysteme GmbH
  • SGGT Straßenausstattungen GmbH
  • TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG
  • TiSO Global - Crashtest
  • TruckBloc
  • Volksfest-Technologie-Westküste
  • ZABAG Security Engineering GmbH
Conference fee
Category Price
Authorities and exhibitors 95,00 EUR plus German VAT of 19 %
Participants, not from authorities 395,00 EUR plus German VAT of 19 %


1. Upon receipt of the registration application, the applicant will receive a registration confirmation and an invoice, which is due immediately.

2. In case of cancellation - only in writing - until 22 August 2018 we do not charge a processing fee, until 5 September 2018 we charge 50% of the conference fee. After that, as well as for no-shows, 100% of the conference fee has to be paid. Substitute participants can be named without additional costs.
3. Jurisdiction is Falkenstein/Harz, Germany.
4. We reserve the right to cancel the event. In this case, the participants will get back already paid participation fees. Further claims do not exist.
5. We are not liable for accidents as well as loss or damage to the property of the event participants, unless the damage was culpably caused by our employees.


By registering, you consent to the collection, processing and storage of your contact data (first, last name, organization, department, Address, e-mail address) by EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH for the purpose of planning and implementing the event and possibly photo and video recordings during the event. Your data will of course be treated according to DSGVO and not passed on to third parties. You can revoke your consent at any time for the future by sending an e-mail to info[at] . After completion of the event, the data will be deleted, unless otherwise stated.


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EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH

also organizer of the international law enforcement and home affairs event GPEC and publisher of the German police technology and management magazine pvt POLIZEI VERKEHR + TECHNIK.



CTS GmbH in Münster

The competence center and accredited crash test facility by DAkk



Amelunxenstraße 30

48167 Münster

Current action plan of the European Commission

Action Plan to support the protection of public spaces

Impressions of the conference with crashtests 2017 with 260 conference participants
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Eröffnung durch den Veranstalter Dr. Uwe Wehrstedt, Geschäftsführer, EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH (Foto: Tomas Moll)
Klick Enlarge ...
Vorstellung des akkreditierten Prüflabors CTS durch Peter Schimmelpfennig. Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, GmbH (Foto: Tomas Moll)
Klick Enlarge ...
Thorsten Grunwald, Geschäftsführer Perimeter Protection Germany, führt in die internationalen Normen zum Test von Fahrzeugsperren ein (Foto: Tomas Moll)
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Crashtest: Pickup mit 50 km/h frontal gegen Toranlage von Perimeter Protection Germany (Foto: Tomas Moll)
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Christian Schneider, Geschäftsführer, truckBloc vertieft die Information zur Norm ISO IWA 14-2 für Fahrzeugsperren und deren Anwendung (Foto: Tomas Moll)
Klick Enlarge ...
LPD René Demmler, Leiter Führungsstab der PD Drsden, trägt zum Einsatz von Sperrmitteln gegen Fahrzeuge zur Absicherung von Veranstaltungen seit 2014 vor (Foto: Tomas Moll)
Klick Enlarge ...
Crashtest: Lkw 7,5 t mit 50 km/h gegen quer gestellten Bus (Foto: Tomas Moll)
Klick Enlarge ...
Architekt Andreas Heupel trägt zum Thema Festigkeit-Nützlichkeit-Schönheit von Fahrzeugsperren im Stadtbild vor (Foto: Tomas Moll)
Klick Enlarge ...
Spreng- und Sicherheitsberater Rolf-Rüdiger Damberg informiert über die schon vor Jahren entwickelten Fahrzeuganhaltesysteme (Foto: Uwe Wehrstedt)
Klick Enlarge ...
Crashtest: Lkw 7,5 t mit 50 km/h frontal gegen die Wassersperre der Mobildeich GmbH (Foto: Tomas Moll)
Klick Enlarge ...
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Wellnitz, Geschäftsführer, Institut für Technik und Design GmbH, präsentiert sein metallisches Ringgeflecht als Sprengschutz, Splitterschutz und Fahrzeugsperre (Foto: Uwe Wehrstedt)
Klick Enlarge ...
Sicherung von Objekten vor Angriffen mit USBV, hier Fenster mittels Spezialfolie bei einem Ansprengtest, erläutert Ulrich Weynell, Geschäftsführer, ISN Technologies AG (Foto: Tomas Moll)
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Crashtest: Lkw 7,5 t frontal gegen mobile Fahrzeugsperre von TiSO Ltd. (Foto: CTS)