GPEC 2016: 9th International Exhibition and Conference for Police and Special Equipment, 7 - 9 June 2016, Leipzig, Germany

Patron: Dr. Thomas de Maizière, Federal Minister of the Interior, MP

GPEC will offer again the most representative overview of relevant products for internal security for literally all kinds of equipment - especially information and communications technology, vehicle technology and traffic control, weapons and tools, clothing and personal equipment, forensic science and technology. With this specialized orientation and dimension already GPEC 2014 was the only specialized event in Germany under the patronage of the Federal Minister of the Interior.

The character of GPEC as unique special event and service provider for Police and Special Equipment will be strengthened anew and more distinctively developed in the future. As a result the importance of the specialized exhibition as the core of the whole event will be increased again.

2016: Specialised conference of the German Police University on Weapons and Devices as well as a conference of Riot Police Forces for the first time held at GPEC

As first highlights for GPEC 2016 two conferences could be acquired that are of particular significance for the participation of relevant members of authorities responsible for technology and procurement:

  • Specialised conference Weapons and Devices, organised by the Institute for Police Technology (PTI) of the German Police University (DHPol)
    This annual official specialized conference takes place at GPEC for the first time in 2016!
  • Conference on Equipment Requirements of the Federal and Länder Riot Police Forces
    This current topic with significant importance for the procurement is organized in close cooperation with responsible departments.
  • Specialised conference Aviation Security and
  • Specialised conference Fleet Management for Official Cars (planned)

GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference is Europe's leading closed specialized trade fair for members of authorities. The focus is on police and special equipment, safety and rescue technology and respective services. This branch meeting that is unique in Central Europe addresses the following target groups:

  • Police
  • Border Guard
  • Customs and Financial Bodies
  • Prison Service and Justice
  • Government Services and Agencies
  • Special Forces
  • Military Police
  • Gendarmerie and Infantry

It reaches executives, technicians, procurement officers, instructors and end users at international, national and regional level. Members of parliament responsible for security tasks or budget matters are also admitted. A broad programme of fringe events with conferences, seminars, trainings and official working group meetings round out GPEC that took place for the first time in the year 2000. It takes place every two years in Germany. Organizer is Exhibition & Marketing Wehrstedt GmbH.

GPEC aims at supporting
  • Interdepartmental and interdisciplinary exchange of information
  • Tendencies and technologies for state-of-the-art equipment and training of state security forces as well as
  • Strengthening of state security, the fight against terrorism and for homeland security
Honour board

General (ret.) Ulrich K. Wegener
Architect of GSG 9 and its first Commander


Director in the Federal Police Achim Friedl
Head of division B6; Technical equipment and logistics for the Federal Police Germany