10th GPEC International Exhibition & Conference for Law Enforcement and Homeland Security
20 - 22 February 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Patron: Prime Minister of Hessen Volker Bouffier


Equipment - Training - Operation


Current registrations: 579 exhibitors from 30 countries and more than 5,500 visitors from 63 countries

The 10th GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference takes place 20 to 22 February 2018 in hall 11 of Messe Frankfurt. The anniversary event will further develop the international character of GPEC. The trade fair location Frankfurt am Main can comply best with the increased demand from national and international visitors and exhibitors. Due to its central location and good accessibility from all over the world Frankfurt offers the possibility to visit GPEC even in the frame of a day trip.

For procurements in the field of internal, public and homeland security GPEC 2018 is again the only specialized European "One-Stop-Shop" for all management levels and subject areas for police, border guard, customs, government services and intelligence agencies, regional authorities, civil protection authorities, prison service and justice as well as armed forces, including all special forces.


Since the inauguration event in 2000 - even before the terrorist attacks of 9/11 - GPEC is the first and only representative overview of command, control and operational equipment for internal security in Germany. It displays all subject areas and fields of equipment - especially information and communication technologies, vehicle technology and traffic control, weapons, tactical equipment and devices, clothing and personal equipment, forensic and laboratory technology. Only GPEC informs specialized visitors in one place about requirements, product ranges, procurements, job-related advanced training as well as use in operations.


At the closed specialized trade fair GPEC 2016 6,694 security experts from 57 countries informed themselves with 526 exhibitors (348 national and 178 international ones) from 31 countries about innovations, technologies and trends as well as research and development in the field of police and special equipment.


On the occasion of the 10th GPEC, a first time organized event will be the International Conference of the Wildlife Justice Commission (21 February 2018).


Official working group meetings are for example:


The information and training programme comprises again the procurement seminar with Dr. Jan Byok as well as the specialized conference on aviation security, IT forensics, ICT and cyber security as well as vehicle and traffic technology.


Special training elements at GPEC 2018: Intervention

  • Hessian police officers present live intervention training and the pedagogical idea of this training.
  • Trainer Frank Thiel trains mobile operations in urban areas, including shooting training and car shooting with simulation ammunition.
  • Dr. Karsten Ladehof (MD) traines in tactical and emergency medicine.
  • Operational trainings with the Laser Combat System (LACS) and the SEC-Alliance.net.


Under the patronage of the Federal Minister of the Interior GPEC has developed to be the European product show and independent information platform for authorities responsible for internal security and will give this leading position in Europe fresh impetus with the location Frankfurt am Main. As closed event GPEC is accessible only for members of authorities presenting a service ID card.


The application form to register as exhibitor is available as download here. Due to the unending demand, the deadline for exhibitor registration has been lifted!


And this is the link to the current interactive floor plan of the exhibition in hall 11.


We would be delighted to welcome you to GPEC in Frankfurt am Main in February 2018. And for the Wednesday, a big after-work party is on the way (details on the registration will follow soon)!


GPEC General Police Equipment Exhibition & Conference is Europe's leading closed specialized trade fair for the target group security authorities. GPEC is regarded as a service provider, market place and exhibition for law enforcement, homeland security, police and special equipment. As inter-ministerial and international communications platform it is available for the following target groups:

  • Police
  • Border Guard
  • Customs and Financial Bodies
  • Prison Service and Justice
  • Government Services and Agencies
  • Special Forces
  • Military Police
  • Gendarmerie and Infantry

Thus it reaches decision-makers, executives, project and system managers, developers, technicians, procurement officers, instructors and end users at international, national and regional level.

GPEC takes place every two years in Germany. Organizer is EMW Exhibition & Media Wehrstedt GmbH.

GPEC aims at supporting
  • interdepartmental and interdisciplinary exchange of information
  • innovations and technologies for state-of-the-art and adequate equipment and training of state security authorities
  • the strengthening of state security, the fight against crime and terrorism and for civil protection
Advisory Board

Chairman: Director in the Federal Police (ret.) Achim Friedl
Former Head of division B6; Technical equipment and logistics for the Federal Police and the Länder Riot Police of Germany
Federal Ministry of the Interior


Advisor Information and Communicaton Technology: Director in the Federal Police (ret.) Heinz-Dieter Meier
Former head of division 5 Centre for Information- and Communication Technology, Bundepolizeipräsidium, und CIO of the German Federal Police; Former senior advisor for Geospatial Intelligence and Security Research at the German Aerospace Center (DLR)

The Honorary Advisor General (ret.) Ulrich K. Wegener


General Wegener, the architect of the German GSG 9 and its first Commander, supported the GPEC from the beginning. We commemorate him and will honor him here as honorary advisor.


Photo: General (ret.) Wegener presents at GPEC 2012 on the occasion of 40 years GSG 9.






PTI special conference Weapons and Equipment 2018 at GPEC

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